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For Serax I devise terracotta containers, standards made of wood and glass, of metal and glass, glass forms, polystone shapes …
A strong connection with nature makes the basis of my work. From this connection, I look for new structures that can ‘carry’ natural materials, and strengthen their expressiveness even more. Often, a design is a play of contrasts: between kinds of materials mutually, between closed and transparent forms, between rhythms and pauses, simple geometrical shapes (the way they also occur in nature) in which there is space is for other movements.
The aim of many of those designs is to stimulate people to invite a piece of nature into their homes (flowers, leaves, branches …) and to get them connected with the seasons in a contemporary manner. One of my specialities is devising forms which can dress a table in a simple way. I also design larger standards that can dress a room expressively, when only some flowers are added. In each of the designs the intention is to put the beauty of the flower in center stage and to let it come out even better.